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Search Tips

Ways to search the collection

Online Collection

The Online Collection is grouped by Phoenix Art Museum Collecting Areas, special collections, recent additions to the Museum collection, and objects that are new to the Online Collection. Currently, there are more than 1,500 objects in the Online Collection out of the more than 18,000 objects in Phoenix Art Museum's permanent collection. Objects are continually being added to the Online Collection.

Artists A to Z

Find artists featured in the Online Collection organized alphabetically by last name. Click on the name to view objects by that artist. Not all artists in the Phoenix Art Museum collection are currently represented in the Online Collection.

Quick search

Search the collection by typing in a keyword such as part of the artist name or title. All objects matching the keyword(s) anywhere in the object records will appear in the results.

Advanced Search

The Advanced Search option allows you to search on specific types of information using multiple criteria to narrow down your search results.

Ways to view the collection

There are three ways to view records. At the top of the page you can change from one view to another.

Light Box View

Browse objects by images. Click on the image to see an enlarged Detail View (when available).

List View

Browse objects in a list with the title, date, artist, medium, and a small image. Sort the list by clicking on the column header. Click on an image to see the Detail View.

Detail View

See a larger image (where available) of an individual object and all currently available information.

Advanced Search

Use Advanced Search to find objects that meet specific criteria. Narrow down your search results by entering multiple criteria.

Advanced Search Field-Specific Help


Enter part or the full name of the artist, designer, or design house in ‘First Name Last Name’ format. Example: ‘Claude Monet’ or ‘Monet’

Artist Nationality

Scroll to the desired Nationality. To select multiple nationalities, hold down the Ctrl-key and click on the ones you want.


Enter a word or multiple words included in the title of the object. Example: ‘The White Rose (Portrait of Miss Jessup)’ or ‘White Rose'


Enter the 4-digit year for the earliest and latest possible dates.

Example: For objects made in the 1960s, enter ‘1960’ as the earliest year and ‘1969’ as the latest year.

To search for objects made in a known year, enter that year in both the earliest and latest boxes.

Example: For objects made in 2012, enter ‘2012’ as the earliest and latest years.

For ancient objects, enter the year as a negative number. Ancient object dates may be less than four digits.

Example: For objects made in the 3rd century BC, enter ‘-299’ as the earliest year and ‘-200’ as the latest year.


Enter one or more words describing what the object is made of.

Example: ‘oil’ or ‘bronze’

Object Number

If you know the object number, enter it here. Object numbers follow the format XXXX.x (the 4-digit year it entered the collection, “.”, a number from 1 to 999).


Classifications are broad categories that describe what the object is, such as painting, sculpture, or work on paper. Select the desired classification from the list; to select multiple categories, hold down the Ctrl-key and click on the ones you want.

Collecting Areas

Collecting Areas reflect how art work is organized by Phoenix Art Museum. Collecting Areas may be informed by geography, art historical periods and/or object types. Select the desired Collecting Area from the list; to select multiple Collecting Areas, hold down the Ctrl-key and click on the ones you want. Objects may be assigned to multiple Collecting Areas.