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The Asian collection includes work produced on the continent of Asia by diverse cultures including China, Japan, Tibet, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka and Java. The collection includes a wide range of formats (painting, ceramics, prints, sculpture, traditional garments) and spans ancient times to the 20th century. Keep in mind that categories of art are fluid; use Advanced Search if you are looking for something specific.

Artist/MakerTitleArtwork DateMediumSorted AscendingObject Number
Unknown, China Bodhisattva GuanyinMing dynastywood with traces of paint1961.145
Unknown, China Large vase with deer, pine and lingzhi fungus motifsQing dynasty, Kangxi period, 1662-1722porcelain with underglazing1968.41
Unknown, India Shiva Nataraja17th centurybronze1969.218
Unknown, India Krishna and Radha under umbrella19th centuryink and color on paper1970.112
Unknown, India Vishnu with Consorts11th-12th centurychlorite stone1972.116
Unknown, China Head of BodhisattvaNorthern Qi period, 550-577 A.D.stone1972.12
Unknown, India Portrait of Emperor Aurangzeb18th centuryink and color on paper1975.63
Utagawa Hiroshige View of the Arimatsu dyeing establishment between Chiryu and Narumi on the Tokaido1850woodblock print1977.89
Unknown, China Large bowl with famille rose decorationQing dynasty, second half 18th centuryporcelain with enamel overglaze1979.68
Takugan Screen: Procession of Court Nobles Celebrating a Shinto FestivalEdo periodink and color on gilt paper1981.103.A