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The Asian collection includes work produced on the continent of Asia by diverse cultures including China, Japan, Tibet, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka and Java. The collection includes a wide range of formats (painting, ceramics, prints, sculpture, traditional garments) and spans ancient times to the 20th century. Keep in mind that categories of art are fluid; use Advanced Search if you are looking for something specific.

Artist/MakerSorted AscendingTitleArtwork DateMediumObject Number
Unknown, Ukiyo-e School A New-Year Celebration1780-1795ink, color, gofun and gold on paper1991.1.1
Tsukioka Yoshitoshi A Woman Saving the Nation, from the series The Taiheiki Chronicle1886woodblock print2011.118.A
Yun Shouping Album of Flowers, Bamboo, Fruits and Vegetablesnot datedink and color on paper2006.164
Unknown, Sri Lanka Altar nichenot datedwood and pigment2005.176
Yamamoto Shunkyo Autumn Landscapenot datedink and color on silk1999.88
Zhang Sheng Autumn River in the Mountains17th centuryink and color on silk2007.203
Unknown, China Bactrian camelTang dynastywhite pottery with pigment traces2006.39.1
Zhao Shao'ang Baoguo Temple on Mt. Emei1959ink and color on paper2011.8
Unknown, China Bell (zhong)Zhou dynastyceramic2008.22
pictured with 1988.117Unknown, Tibet Bell with Vajra handle18th-19th centurybronze1991.47