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The Asian collection includes work produced on the continent of Asia by diverse cultures including China, Japan, Tibet, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka and Java. The collection includes a wide range of formats (painting, ceramics, prints, sculpture, traditional garments) and spans ancient times to the 20th century. Keep in mind that categories of art are fluid; use Advanced Search if you are looking for something specific.

Artist/MakerSorted AscendingTitleArtwork DateMediumObject Number
Unknown, China Wide shouldered jar with ring handles and ringsHan dynastyash-glazed ceramic2008.31
Tsukioka Yoshitoshi Winter: Daishoro Brothel in Nezu, from the series The Four Seasons at Their Height1883woodblock print2011.117.A
Unknown, Ukiyo-e School Woman and Children with Poetry Books and Paper1780-1795ink, color, gofun and gold on paper1991.1.7
Paul Jacoulet Woman in Orange1934color woodcut1987.29
Kita Busei Wrestler: Nomi no Sukunenot datedink and color on paper2012.183
Unknown, Japan Writing box (suzuribako)Edo period, 18th-early 19th centurylacquer, wood and metal with decoration1988.11
Unknown, Ukiyo-e School Writing Poetry Beneath the Maples1780-1795ink, color, gofun and gold on paper1991.1.10
Unknown, Tibeto-Chinese Yamantaka17th-18th centurygilt bronze with traces of color1988.89.A
Unknown, Tibeto-Chinese Yamantaka16th-17th centurybronze (gilt), color1988.90
Li Junyi Yellow King, Yellow Earth, Yellow River, Yellow Mountain, Yellow Race1989ink on paper2011.11