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Latin American

The Latin American collection encompasses over 500 works from the 18th to 21st centuries. Early works include Spanish Colonial painting, furniture, and decorative arts. This category is particularly strong in early- and mid-20th century Mexican painting and prints. Contemporary works by artists born and/or working in Latin America are also found in this collecting area. Keep in mind that categories of art are fluid; use Advanced Search if you are looking for something specific.

Artist/MakerSorted AscendingTitleArtwork DateMediumObject Number
Leopoldo Méndez Sin título (Untitled)1943woodcut1970.139
Media FileJac Leirner Todos os cem (All the One Hundreds)1992brazilian currency2000.125
Mariana Yampolsky Todos Santos ( All Saints Day)1988gelatin silver print2001.46
Francisco Zúñiga Tres mujeres de pie (Three Standing Women)1974lithograph, ink on paper1974.107.6
Artemio Rodríguez Triumph of Death2007woodcut on paper2009.65.A
Roberto Matta Untitlednot datedcolor etching1980.153
Roberto Matta Untitlednot datedlithograph1980.154
José Luis Cuevas Untitled1968lithograph2004.95
Francisco Zúñiga Untitled (Seated Woman)1965bronze2007.33
Alfredo Ramos Martínez Untitled (Sin título)not datedwatercolor on newspaper2004.26