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Philip C. Curtis

This collection includes the work of a single artist, Philip C. Curtis, and spans more than fifty years of his career in the 20th century.

Artist/MakerSorted AscendingTitleArtwork DateMediumObject Number
Philip C. Curtis Entrance with Light Bulb1964oil on panel1984.417
Philip C. Curtis Escape1956oil on board1960.24
Philip C. Curtis Farewell1961oil on panel2007.11
Philip C. Curtis Farewell to the Band1967oil on board1986.28
Philip C. Curtis G.I.1944tempera on illustration board2001.18
Philip C. Curtis Gift Bearers1971oil on board2001.9
Philip C. Curtis Grandfather's House1966oil on panel2004.61
Philip C. Curtis Grandfather's House, Fourth of July1985oil on panel2009.109
Philip C. Curtis Great Hall1974oil on board2001.14
Philip C. Curtis Industrial (Industrial)1943tempera on board2001.33