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Philip C. Curtis

This collection includes the work of a single artist, Philip C. Curtis, and spans more than fifty years of his career in the 20th century.

Artist/MakerSorted AscendingTitleArtwork DateMediumObject Number
Philip C. Curtis Abstraction (Abstracción)1941mixed media2001.27
Philip C. Curtis Abstraction (Abstracción)1944tempera on scratchboard2001.19
Philip C. Curtis After Dinner Speakers1974oil on panel2001.75
Philip C. Curtis Arizona Landscape (Paisaje de Arizona)1939oil pastel on paper2001.26
Philip C. Curtis Arrangement of People and Things1946tempera on board2001.34
Philip C. Curtis Band Concert1965oil on panel2001.3
Philip C. Curtis Casino1980oil on board2001.11
Philip C. Curtis Clown, New York City1939tempera on paper2001.31
Philip C. Curtis Des Moines1939tempera on illustration board2001.37
Philip C. Curtis Discussion (Discusión)1945tempera on paper2001.36