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New to the Online Gallery

This grouping includes images recently added to the online database. Generally this will be the result of ongoing digitization of our existing collection.

Artist/MakerTitleArtwork DateMediumSorted AscendingObject Number
Alexander Calder #81961gouache1962.146
Halston Conical hat1960svelvet (black)1968.C.348
Robert Zakanitch Roseout1969acrylic on canvas1971.72.A
Madame Grès Evening dress1966tinsel1974.C.100.A
Dorothy Dehner Wind Harp1979wood1979.35
Richard Anuszkiewicz Untitled1970silkscreen1979.77
Alexander Calder The Eye1972gouache1980.94
Thomas Chimes Untitled1969-1970aluminum1982.48
Frank Lobdell December, 19551955oil on canvas1984.395
Gregory Amenoff Sirocco1985oil on canvas1986.3