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Artist/MakerSorted AscendingTitleArtwork DateMediumObject Number
Unknown, China Figure of a merchant7th-8th centurypainted earthenware2012.221
Unknown, China Figure of Vaishravana, Guardian King of the NorthMing dynastybronze2010.438
Pictured left to right: 2012.220.1, 2012.220.2Unknown, China Figures of guardians7th-8th centuryglazed earthenware2012.220.1
Unknown, China Figurine representing a Daoist deity wearing armorMing to Qing dynasty, 17th centurybronze1994.438
Unknown, China Five piece altar set: ding-shaped censer with cabriole legs and dragon and cloud decor, pair of pricket candlesticks with dragon and cloud decor, and pair of pear-shaped vases with dragon and cloud decorQing dynasty, Qianlong period, mid 18th centurybronze1994.396.1
Unknown, China Foreign groomTang dynastywhite pottery with pigment traces2006.39.2
Unknown, China Funerary urn with dragon, animals, and mournersSong dynasty, 960-1279 A.D.glazed ceramic2013.506.A
Unknown, China Garment of Tibetan Chuba type with four-clawed Mang dragonsQing dynasty, 1644-1911brocaded silk damask, polychrome silk yarn, gold-wrapped yarn and gold leaf on paper2005.153
Unknown, China Hand of Buddha (Mano de Buda)late Ming-early Qing dynastyserpentine jade2010.366
Unknown, China Head of BodhisattvaNorthern Qi period, 550-577 A.D.stone1972.12