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Artist/MakerSorted AscendingTitleArtwork DateMediumObject Number
Unknown Bacchantinec. 1700-1850Brazilian agate1983.222
Unknown Bacchus18th-19th centuryshell1983.244
Unknown, China Bactrian camelTang dynastywhite pottery with pigment traces2006.39.1
Unknown Baldusc. 1700-1850agate1983.165
Unknown, Mexico Batea (Basin)mid 18th centurylacquered wood with painted decoration2001.164
Unknown, China Bell (zhong)Zhou dynastyceramic2008.22
pictured with 1988.117Unknown, Tibet Bell with Vajra handle18th-19th centurybronze1991.47
Unknown, Vietnam Blue and white jar with 23 ivory glazed cups15th-16th centuryporcelain2000.109.1.A
Unknown, Vietnam Blue and white kendi15th-16th centuryporcelain2000.107.A
Unknown, China Blue and white vase17th-18th centuryporcelain with white metal fittings2009.3