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Artist/MakerSorted AscendingTitleArtwork DateMediumObject Number
Unknown Greek maiden (Señorita griega)c. 1700-1850sardonyx1983.182
Unknown Greek maiden (Señorita griega)c. 1700-1850sardonyx1983.173
Unknown Greek maiden (Señorita griega)c. 1700-1850sardonyx1983.172
Unknown Greek warrior (Guerro griego)c. 1700-1850agate1983.305
Unknown Heracles/Herculesc. 1700-1850sardonyx1983.180
Unknown Janusc. 1700-1850sardonyx1983.276
Unknown Lady's portraitc. 1700-1850agate1983.281
Pierre Louis van Schuppen Ludovicus Delphinus, Ludovici Magni Filius (The Dauphin Louis, Son of Louis the Great)1684engraving on paper2012.271
Unknown Madame Recamierc. 1700-1850agate1983.186
Unknown Man's head (Cabeza de hombre)c. 1700-1850agate1983.302