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Artist/MakerSorted AscendingTitleArtwork DateMediumObject Number
Unknown Ajax18th-19th centurysardonyx1983.253
Unknown Aphrodite/Venus (Afrodita/Venus)18th-19th centuryagate1983.277
Unknown Ares/Mars (Ares/Marte)18th-19th centurysardonyx1983.215
Unknown Ares/Mars (Ares/Marte)18th-19th centurysardonyx1983.196
Unknown Ares/Mars (Ares/Marte)18th-19th centurysardonyx1983.251
Unknown At the altar of Cupid18th-19th centurysardonyx1983.209
Unknown Aura, goddess of the breeze18th-19th centuryagate1983.145
Unknown Bacchus (Baco)18th-19th centuryshell1983.244
pictured with 1988.117Unknown, Tibet Bell with Vajra handle18th-19th centurybronze1991.47
Unknown Boy strangling a goose18th-19th centurysardonyx1983.208