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Artist/MakerSorted AscendingTitleArtwork DateMediumObject Number
Fei Danxu Flowers (Wisteria)19th centuryink and color on paper2007.199.V
Fei Danxu Flowers (Yellow Hibiscus and Chrysanthemum)19th centuryink and color on paper2007.199.H
Unknown, Japan Jitaisome Shippo19th centurylacquered “treebark” cloisonné on porcelain2014.108
Unknown, Japan Kesa, mantle for a Buddhist priest19th centurysilk tapestry weave (kesi (k'o-ssu) type)1991.123
Unknown, India Krishna and Radha under umbrella19th centuryink and color on paper1970.112
Michele Felice Cornè Landing of the Pilgrims, Dec. 22, 1620c. 1803-06oil on canvas2001.124
Unknown Lord Byronc. 1820-1900agate1983.287
José Manuel Benavides Lord Saint Joseph Spouse of Marynot datednatural pigments on wood panel2009.142
Unknown, China Openwork ring with triple curving dragons19th centurynephrite jade2014.171
Media FileWorkshop of José Aragón Our Lady of Guadalupec. 1820s-1840snatural pigments on wood panel2009.119