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Artist/MakerTitleArtwork DateSorted AscendingMediumObject Number
Kevin Appel Lake House2002acrylic and oil on canvas on panel2009.284
David T. Kessler Cadence at Dusk2008acrylic on aluminum2014.184
Brian Alfred Lobby2001acrylic on canvas2004.93
Paul Pletka Nuestro Señor el Desollado (Our Lord, The One Who is Flayed)2004acrylic on canvas2005.148
Torben Giehler Tomorrow World2001acrylic on canvas2009.285
Paul Morrison Cambium2002acrylic on canvas2009.290
Fausto Fernandez Lengthen Floral Rectangle2007acrylic on canvas2009.384
Enrique Chagoya An Object at the Limits of Language2000acrylic, oil, amate and linen2001.101
Ralph Rucci "Motherwell" Infanta gownspring 2005alligator leather on silk tulle and duchess silk satin2009.363
Julian Opie Julian and Suzanne Walking2006animated LED display2007.55