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Artist/MakerTitleSorted AscendingArtwork DateMediumObject Number
Unknown, China Cloth-impressed jar with red spotWarring States period, 481-221 B.C.ceramic2013.517
Unknown, China Three-story green-glazed tower (bottom level)Eastern Han dynastyceramic2007.117.A
Unknown, China Tea bowl with oil spot markingsJin dynastyceramic2001.138
Unknown, China Small wide mouthed jar with vertical ribsJin dynastyceramic2001.140
Unknown, China Wide mouth ovoid jar with three stylized birds in flightJin dynastyceramic2001.141
Unknown, China Ovoid bottle with small double ringed mouthJin dynastyceramic2001.149
Unknown, China Large mouthed Cizhou painted ovoid bowl with white glazeJin dynastyceramic2001.150
Unknown, China Small wide mouthed Jizhou jar with tortoiseshell glazeSouthern Song dynastyceramic2001.145
Unknown, China Conical bowl with decorations of three phoenixSouthern Song dynastyceramic2001.146
Unknown, Japan Sasayama ware water storage jarlate 19th centuryceramic2009.255