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Artist/MakerTitleArtwork DateMediumSorted AscendingObject Number
Alexander Archipenko Torso1916bronze1958.5
Frederick William MacMonnies Nathan Hale1890bronze1959.41
Paul Manship Centaur and Dryad1913bronze1960.60
Auguste Rodin Le Baiser (The Kiss), 2nd Reductionconceived 1886, cast 1904-1918bronze1963.101
Antoine-Louis Barye Jaguar Devouring a Hare1852bronze1963.24
Anna Hyatt Huntington Young Abe Lincoln1962bronze1963.3
Guillaume Coustou I Marie Leszczynska, Queen of France, as the goddess Juno1730-1750bronze1963.81
Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux Genie de la Terre (Spirit of the Earth)1855bronze1964.116
Antoine-Louis Barye The Lion Hunt or Arab Horsemen Lancing a Lion1834bronze1964.260
Pierre Lepautre Aeneas Carrying Anchises with Ascanius Out of Troy1725bronze1965.64